Healthcare Companies

Build an Engaged Online Audience with Content Marketing


 For almost 80 percent healthcare consumers, the customer journey begins with an Internet search. We have entered the era of the e-patient, an empowered consumer who arms himself with information about the disease and seeks to participate in decisions about treatment. Despite having an audience, healthcare companies have been slow in creating online content. One factor that dissuades them is the large number of compliances and regulations the health industry is subject to. While the negative consequences of putting out incorrect information are high, the online healthcare information space definitely needs authoritative content from a trusted source. Healthcare companies can be that source by embracing content marketing with the help of a partner who has sufficient experience in the healthcare industry.

How to give a content edge to your healthcare marketing

Select the Right Focus – Know Your Buyers and tailor your content strategy to them

Attract a select audience by narrowing your focus to particular areas. Just as physicians specialize in the type of medicine they practice, healthcare companies can choose certain areas around which they focus their content efforts. This can be done by:

  • Do a thorough industry analysis to know what information people are looking for.
  • Conduct competitor analysis for further insight
  • Get inputs from consumers and target audience by interviewing them
  • Prepare Buyer personas and map your buyers journey
  • Draft a content marketing strategy



Weave partnerships and build engagement – Share-worthy content and Thought Leadership

You may not have in-house resources who are enthusiastic about writing. Even if there are a couple of people with a natural flair for writing they may not have much time to devote to the activity. Here are a few ideas on getting people from your company involved in your content marketing efforts:

  • Create shareable content in the form of infographics or explainer videos
  • Curate content from reputable industry sources and share
  • Moderate and share impactful user-generated content
  • Incentivize content creation by designating key people as thought leaders

Maintaining Engagement – Strategic Partnerships and Involved community

To cement your status as an influential healthcare player and to reap tangible rewards there from, focus efforts on integrating your resources and expanding your content marketing networks. Delight your online community with relevant, useful content packaged in creative formats. To achieve this:

  • Actively seek partnerships with other healthcare players
  • Develop micro-communities
  • Publish and share stories that strike an emotional chord with your audience.