Take a strategic approach to optimize your website or mobile site for lead generation.

A website should be treated as an investment. It isn’t just about looking fancy or trendy – a good website is central to the inbound marketing methodology and is guaranteed to pay major dividends over the life of your business. A well designed website lets you:

  • Show your prospect what your brand is really about
  • Attract quality traffic
  • Generate leads and customers

Our Method

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Understanding The Fundamentals


We want your website to truly reflect your brand and the values it espouses. Therefore, as a first step, we will get on a call or set up a meeting (whichever works better) to understand the most essential elements of your business- which includes color schemes, logos, design preferences, customer buying process, competitor websites, how you want to be represented, elements you want depicted on the website as well as those you absolutely do not want. We will take this discovery and combine it with a study of your buyer personas and the buying process they typically follow, to create a wireframe.


Website Layout Mapped With Buying Process

Our next step, is to design a mock up wire-frame based on all the knowledge we have gathered from you, as well as insights we gain from our study of your business and the market, in general. In the wireframe, you will see the layout we propose for your home page, interior page as well as the blog. The wireframe will also include key elements such as the menu, social media icons, call-to-action buttons, conversion forms, and others, that are created and placed, keeping in mind the buying process and customizing the entire experience to drive high conversions. You will have ample time to review the layout and suggest changes where you see fit, which can be incorporated into the wireframe. Once you finalize and approve the layout, we will push the wireframe to be converted into beautiful and meaningful design!

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Design for usability and optimal conversion


Your website is going to earn majority of its points, based on the design. It has to be clean, simple, intuitive and engaging.We are a web design company that gets your website inbound ready! Our incredibly talented designers, take all of the business and buyer insights, blend it perfectly with the color schemes you chose for your brand, to create a masterpiece website, that is guaranteed to appeal to your prospects and customers. The design preview will give you a glimpse into exactly what the final website will look like – both color and style wise. Once you approve of the design, we will push the design into full blown production.


Coding And Testing Your Website

Our next step, is obviously to start coding your website. All our websites are made mobile-responsive, by default. We meticulously take every element presented in the wireframes and design preview and convert them into real life working code. We take extra care to ensure that all additional elements such as forms, image galleries, social media feeds, blog feeds, and so on, are displaying accurately and working efficiently. We test each of these elements, as well as the website as a whole on multiple devices, to ensure that they are displaying correctly on all devices, both mobile and desktop. Once you approve of how the website looks, displays and loads, you are set to go. We will take it live without any additional effort required from your end! Result: You get a magnificent website that is ready to start generating leads and delighting your customers.

But that’s not where it all ends.

We offer free and dedicated support to ensure that your site is performing without glitches at all times.

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