Give your team the right tools to close those inbound leads!

Did you know that 70% of the buyer’s journey is already completed even BEFORE talking to a sales person?

If there is anything we know with certainty, it is that the way people buy has changed, making it ever so crucial for your sales team to evolve and step up to respond correctly to the needs of today’s buyer.

  • Is your leads-to-customers conversion rate looking dismal?
  • Are you constantly scratching your head to figure out how you can convert your leads into actual paying customers and drive real revenue from your lead generation efforts?

We’ve got you covered!

We evolve business growth strategies that are aligned with current buying patterns.


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Inbound Sales Team Training

Training For Success

When you engage us for sales consulting, you have the advantage of harnessing years of experience and vital lessons learned from it, which means you get to drastically cut down the learning curve time so that your sales team can quickly ramp up efforts and start converting inbound leads.

The SMarketers will coach your sales reps and sales managers on how to use consultative selling to handle and close all the awesome inbound leads you have generated so far. We will train your team to track how the leads found your company and align buyer expectations with the sales team’s response.

Our training highlights key areas for sales success, which include improving sales and marketing alignment, creating a platform of transparency and accountability, and providing the sales team with the right skills, knowledge and tools needed to improve sales performance

Recruiting And Onboarding

Hiring Inbound Sellers

We will guide you with hiring sales reps that showcase inbound selling skills, by identifying critical qualities and expertise you should look for. We also help you in assessing and interviewing the best candidates for the position, so that you are all set up with a highly effective inbound selling team. In addition to this, we also provide onboarding services to the newly hired recruits to equip them to get started on the right foot.

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Sales Enablement

Equipping Your Sales Force

Inbound selling requires the sales reps to shift from traditional consultative selling to behavior-driven selling strategies that leverage buyer insights. We will work with your sales force to ensure that they have a well grounded sales process and methodology that is aligned with the customer’s buying porcess. We will also provide you with expert advice on selecting and deploying the best CRM for your organization, building a custom sales process, developing personalized messaging strategies, workflows and email templates, and more.

Sales And Marketing Alignment

A Proven Way To Grow Revenue

Sales and marketing teams are the heart of any organization. Although Sales is theoretically a part of marketing, in real life, these two revenue generating groups are seen as two equally big, yet completely distinct entities. Something interesting happens at organizations where effective marketing and sales alignment occurs – they win.

According to an Aberdeen Research Study in 2011, companies with sales and marketing alignment saw business growth of over 40%. Yet another study by Forrester also points out that only 8% of companies say they have tight alignment between sales and marketing.

We are hardcore believers in the power of sales and marketing alignment. We approach this challenge from various directions by:

  • Helping in the creation of a Service Level Agreement (SLA) between the sales and marketing teams
  • Leveraging technology in terms of integrating marketing automation with CRM
  • Helping you structure better communication channels
  • Creating a feedback loop for the quality of leads as well as quality of content
  • Helping create an environment of accountability
  • Optimizing the sales and marketing alignment operation backed by data driven decisions

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