Engage and close larger target accounts with Account Based Marketing

We help B2B companies run ABM at scale

Why consider Account Based Marketing?

Traditionally, B2B companies have invested their resources, especially in sales and marketing across different areas where an immediate opportunity might be present. They however fail to realise that 80% of revenues comes from just 20% of their customers.

Due to lack of sales and marketing alignment and a wide spread focus, revenue generation and gaining customers from larger accounts becomes a challenge. Account Based Marketing solves this problem by helping sales and marketing focus on a set goal, target specific accounts and plan the right campaigns.

Over 96% of B2B marketers leveraging ABM have reported an increase in sales closure ratios

The process of Account Based Marketing (ABM)


How we execute ABM

Pick Target Accounts

Our team will work with yours to create buyer persona’s, understand your strengths, solutions or services you’d like to position. We will then create a list of specified number accounts you should be targeting based on industry, revenue or employee size and relevant departments.

Gather Account Intelligence

Using market research and artificial intelligence tools, we gather account insights of each target organization that includes their tech stack, challenges, opportunities and focus areas. This helps us carve out specific and relevant messaging for each account mapped with the products, solutions or services our clients have to offer.

Create The Right Messaging

Consultative selling and solutioning is key to ABM success. This also requires strong sales and marketing alignment to ensure consistent messaging is delivered across channels such as email, blogs, articles, eBooks, webinars etc.. Based on the industry we are targeting and their challenges, we will work with our clients to create personalized email messaging, generate relevant blogs or eBooks and ensure your website also delivers a similar message.


While creating content is key to having the right keywords and driving SEO value, it is even more important to promote it to your target accounts in a structured fashion. Based on the contacts identified in your target accounts, we will promote our content in channels where they are active. This includes personalized tweeting, sharing eBooks and newsletters.

Lead Nurturing

Gaining interest from a ABM prospect takes time. You are creating a requirement for them rather than the prospect coming to you with a need. This means you will have to nurture the prospect for several days or months until the right opportunity is opened and you are the first person they reach out to. The Smarketers enables this by creating structured lead nurturing campaigns across email and content to ensure relevant messaging is shared consistently over a period of time to your target prospects.


Unlike a traditional sales process where you have an immediate requirement, ABM takes time but it’s worth the wait. During the lead nurturing process, your prospect may show an interest to sign you up to solve their challenge. Since you are the only company that has ever engaged with them closely, understand their challenges and know what solution works for them, your chances of closing the deal are 99.99% and we will help you get there.

Why you should consider us for ABM

  1. Certified and trained team of ABM experts
  2. Average B2B marketing and sales experience of over 7years
  3. Hubspot certified inbound marketers
  4. Understand challenges across various industries
  5. Help you with sales and marketing alignment
  6. Access to the best tools available
  7. Dedicated team assigned to each project
  8. Guaranteed goal commitment