Specialty Manufacturing

Companies working in specialty manufacturing are not confident that inbound marketing can help them. The nature of specialty products makes marketing and sales a challenge for their makers. In a niche market, products are expensive and the target consumers are scattered and less in number. The sales cycle in such a context is usually long and new leads mostly come from cold calling or referrals. Such a market is perfectly suited to inbound marketing as it reduces the cost of reaching out to prospective consumers by making your product easily discoverable through online means. Inbound marketing also shortens the sales cycle by attracting better qualified leads your way.

Specialty Manufacturing

Go Inbound for Qualified Leads That Convert Better!

Specialty manufacturers cater to a niche community of buyers who already know they have a need and are looking for products that fulfill their need. Marketing for such products doesn’t require extensive demand generation. Business in such contexts usually comes from traditional channels like cold calling, referrals or repeat purchases. Inbound marketing can enhance your visibility and attract new and qualified leads to drive business growth.

How Inbound Marketing helps Specialty Manufacturing

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Get Discovered Online – Use Buyer Insight to get your Website Inbound Ready

A large component of the purchase cycle is already wrapped up before the buyer even contacts sales. Buyers seek information on what products and solutions can cater to their needs by running online searches. Getting your website optimized to attract and convert potential buyers needs to be the first step of your inbound plan. To do this:

  • Ensure you have a simple site with an awesome User Experience
  • Define your Buyer Personas
  • Map your content to different stages in the Buyer Journey
  • Generate conversion opportunities

Shorten the Sales Cycle – Qualified Leads and Lead Nurturing

Specialized products with high price tags are a hard sell, making the sales cycle long. Exposing potential buyers to information they need to progress along the buyer’s journey is the end goal of content marketing. This needs:

  • Strategically planned campaigns that leverage Buyer Insights
  • Timing content creation and delivery right
  • Streamlining engagement through marketing automation tools
  • Creating new customer touchpoints to reach out to more prospective buyers



Better Quality Leads – Lead scoring and Sales-Readiness

The sale of specialty products typically involves requests-for-quotes (RFQs) or bid packages, which need the sales team to put in considerable time and effort. Sales teams are therefore not very enthusiastic about getting more leads, instead they want more qualified leads. Inbound marketing does a great job of filtering unqualified leads and lets the sales team put more effort into selling to qualified prospects with a high intent to purchase. This needs:

  • Sales and marketing KPIs to be aligned
  • Giving the sales team insight into buyer behavior  
  • Identify sales-readiness triggers and pass it on to sales
  • Lead scoring to help sales prioritize leads for conversion