Industry Expertise

Agencies that offer inbound marketing as a service have grown, but not many of them have industry expertise. A successful inbound marketing strategy needs both domain knowledge and marketing prowess. We are working with clients in healthcare, technology and software industries. Our clientele consists of a mix of small, medium and enterprise-class businesses. The institutional knowledge gained through exposure to different industries and business size classes helps us craft successful strategies.

industry page icons-20Software & Technology

You have an exciting new technology offering. You may understand your product/service and the technology very well. But communicating your ideas to a wider audience and building an aware and engaged online community for your product/service is not easy. We analyze your current marketing strategies and develop an inbound marketing plan that can generate sustainable growth in brand awareness and engagement for the future.

industry page icons-19Healthcare

Healthcare companies have lagged behind other industries in their adoption of inbound marketing strategies. But the potential benefits healthcare can accrue through inbound lead generation are large and untapped. Healthcare marketing urgently needs an inbound makeover. Raise your digital profile by partnering with an agency that can work within the bounds of industry regulations and deliver results.

industry page icons-21-21Specialty Manufacturing

Specialty manufacturers have been generally cynical about inbound marketing and how it will prove effective for them. Since their products are highly specialized and usually expensive, sales cycles tend to be long and most of their current customers come from cold calling or referrals. We can show you how you can get started with inbound marketing and attract more qualified leads to your company.